• Ribbon bookmarks
    Performative lecture with
    Experimental Jetset & RWO
    Image taken by Marieke Stolk
    Archivisim to Activism Pamphlet
    Experimental Jetset
  • A1 Silkscreened poster
    Installation views
    CCA Ujazdowski Castle
    Screening and debate
    Queering Family & Labour
  • 365 Days of Invisible Work launch
    Sindihogar at MACBA, Barcelona
    Tenderbooks, London
    with Jo Spence Archive & J4DW
    365 Days of Invisible Work
    Spector Books
    Online community
    Bilderkritik 2 - Doors & Windows
    with J4DW at The Showroom
    The Grand Domestic Revolution
    Casco Art Institute
    Invitation to join the network
  • Apprendre à ne pas Travailler
    FRAC PACA, Marseille
    Constructing the kiosk
    Young Worker's Camera
    Centre Social Agora, La Busserine
    Visionary Tools
    Collège Édouard Manet, La Busserine
    Le Travaille des Femmes
    Association Sheeba, La Busserine
    Action Antiraciste 1982/84
    Pierre Ciot
    Community Darkroom
    Fondazione MAST
    Library Kiosk
    Il lavoro dopo il lavoro
    Collectif editing workshop
    10 minutes photography course
    Escuela de Fotografía Popular
    Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo
    Manual de Acción
    Collective editing workshop
    UFIL Pablo Neruda, Móstoles
    Installation views
    The Showroom
    60+ Worker's Camera
    Young Worker's Camera 15-24yo
    Collective editing workshop
    Justice 4 Domestic Workers
    Living Archive
    Political collage workshop
    A-Z Handbook to
    Hardcore Discount Food Shopping
  • Installation view
    Fotomuseum Winterthur
    Installation view
    Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow
    Image act by Tomasz Foltyn
    Krakow Photomonth
    Online sound archive
  • Documentation images
    Werker Materials spreads
  • Installation views
    Motion /Labour / Machinery
    Documentation images
    Caption writing & archive workshop
  • Installation views
  • Galeria La Moderna
    XII Havana Biennial
  • Installation views
    Ellen de Bruijne Projects
    Documentation images
    Werker ABC T-shirt
  • Installation view
    On the Move — Stedelijk Museum
  • Installation views
    Espai Cultural Caja Madrid
    Collective reading
    San Serriffe – Amsterdam
    Documentation images
    Werker 7 spreads
  • Documentation images
    Werker 6 spreads
  • Documentation images
    Scapegoat journal
  • Installation views
    Stedelijk Museum Bureau
    Access Denied
    UvA - KNAW
    Our Work is Never Over
    Matadero Madrid - PHotoEspaña
    Retrato Económico del Artista Joven
    (Des)okupados - Kiosko, Bolivia
    Llocs Comuns
    Can Felipa, Barcelona
    Visceral Blue
    La Capella, Barcelona.
    Documentation images
    Werker 4
    Image detail
    Werker 4 - Cantine
  • Installation views
    La Virreina Centre de la Imatge
    Documentation images
    Werker 2 spreads
  • Werker C spreads
    Student building up the
    ‘End-exam Show 2009’ GRA
  • Installation views
    CAS Zuidas
    Video still